B&H On-Site Testing LLC

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We assist large and small businesses of any kind as well as individuals to provide:

  • Professional Service
  • Convenience
  • Cost Savings

Walk In's Welcome anytime during office hours M-F

Monday thru Thursday 8am-4pm MT

​Friday 8am-12pm MT

Dickinson, ND Testing Office

1674 15th St West #2
Dickinson ND 58601
*above the Men's Den and Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND*
We provide on-site and in office collection services by highly trained nationally certified professionals with over 14 years healthcare and Drug Testing experience.
  • ​B&H On-Site Testing is affiliated with Third Party Administrators from across the United States as the preferred* collection site for many:
    • Team Professional *                                             
    • Pipeline Testing Consortium *
    • Global Safety Network *
    • DISA
    • AWSI
    • Corporate Health Resources
    • WPCI
    • Many Others!

Safety Training Services

  • PEC Safeland Basic
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Adult Child and/or Infant certification
  • Confined Space 
  • PEC H2S Clear
  • Fit Testing

Mobile   "you call, we go"

Our Drug Testing and Safety Services are conveniently located anywhere you need to send us. We cover all of Western North and South Dakota and Eastern Montana.

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